Antivirus affiliate program overview

eVirusFix has provided antivirus software to individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. eVirusFix is proud to partner with a select group of websites, managed service providers, IT consultants, and bloggers who share our passion for keeping the internet safe through the eVirusFix Affiliate Program.

Why join the eVirusFix program?

  • It's easy to join — simply fill out a form, and once you're approved, you can start right away.
  • You earn a 75% commission on all sales within a 45 day period
  • There’s a 90-day referral period for every banner and text link
  • There are a wide range of banners and text links to choose from
  • Enjoy affiliate-only offers, promotions, newsletters and campaigns
  • You can earn special rewards by being a top-tier affiliate